• 24-NOV-2016

Final deal on reformed EU conflict minerals law is a victory for the S&D Group - Interview with S&D MEP Bernd Lange

Today the Council, Commission and European Parliament’s negotiators reached a final agreement on rules to exclude so-called 'conflict minerals' or 'blood minerals' from the European Union market. 

It has been a long fight for the Socialists and Democrats to achieve a regulation which will significantly clean up the supply of tantalum, tungsten, tin and gold (also known as '3TG') into the EU. These are minerals and metals vital for the production of everyday items such as mobile phones and household appliances. The Commission, the Council and the conservatives in the European Parliament were pushing for a voluntary system, but the S&Ds led the charge to overturn this, setting a new global standard in responsible sourcing. 

The Commission will now also work on voluntary rules for importers of manufactured goods.